How to be healthy

Health is not only to be free of diseases but is preserved with the passage of time, different people in different countries don’t know how to live long time with good health because of several reasons.

I will try to mention through this report, and to give some solutions.

Unhealthy food, most of us prefer go to eat fast food, so more fats, sugar, and less proteins. The body needs good and mixt food because more sugar on your blood allows you to diabetes

At the same time more fat in your body Makes you get up cholesterol in the blood , all of us know the negative result of cholesterol in blood.

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Secondly lack of sport .less physical activity leads less possibility to be healthy .sport protect body from hearts diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Each type of sport has good role to make your body perfect outside and inside   , aerobic causes to use more oxygen

so it reduce  cardiovascular diseases .swimming  helps your body to decrease risk of  bone disease.

Walking helps your blood circulation   .

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Lack of sleep   most of you are not sleeping at night that reflect on your

Health so the body starts losing energy with over time you can get dangerous disease as anemia and anemia can cause leukemia.

Pollution if you are living in polluted place soon you can get air polluted disease example, oxygen related diseases.

Smoking. if you are addicted to smoking, you are going to kill yourself because one cigarette has more than 7000 Toxic substances as nicotine .when you smoke cigarette nicotine, it goes directly to into your bloodstream, also nicotine reaches your brain and creating abusive pleasure after that the buzz fades then leaves you feeling tired, so that makes you to smoke more and more of cigarettes. Smoking affects the lungs and causes heart diseases, cancer and other related diseases.

Alcohol and drugs the addiction to alcohol and drugs causes you to several disease   as cancer, Heart disease, infertility, mental disease and Respiratory disease. At the end, I will give you some solutions that will help you to be healthy. You should avoid unhealthy food as soft drink, pasta, and burger, do more of physical activities, eat healthy food as vegetables, sleep well at night, and avoid drugs and alcohol. If you follow this steps you will live a longer life with no health problems.


Please if anybody misunderstand something just send me a message, I will replay you.

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